Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Leak detection is the active process of determining if you have a water leak in your home or business, and locating the leak. Often the leak is fairly obvious, and the defective pipe, connection, or fixture will easily display the spot where the problem is. However, many times the problem is bigger than it seems, and may have been an issue for much longer than it was realized. A leak may be hidden, allowing water to seep for months before it was noticed, causing considerably more damage than if it had been arrested earlier, and raising monthly water bills to shocking levels. Sometimes a leak is caused by the fracturing of a pressurized pipe, and is an urgent situation to shut off the water to prevent more extensive damage. No matter what, you will want to recognize how much of an emergency is caused by the leak, and find a remedy as quickly as possible, to keep your water bill and repair costs from skyrocketing.

There are some easy things you can do that can help determine where the leak is situated, which may save you money. Damp spots on floors or in walls, and sounds of water running in pipes when the taps are turned off and no one is flushing, are some telltale signs. But to have your utility provider of water indicate that your water bill has risen unreasonably in the last month would be a potentially bad sign. Whether you are in the midst of an emergency, or you suspect that there might be a subtle issue causing the continuous trickle of water loss, having a trained professional, who knows exactly what to look for, thoroughly inspect your house would probably be wise.

Flir Thermal Imaging and Goldak Leak Detection“Goldak” leak detectors are a primary tool of professional plumbers. Goldak has been manufacturing underground locating products for eight decades, and takes a special company and industry pride in its success in creating quality, high performance products for locating underground pipeline and leaks.

Thermal imaging is also a cutting edge technology which helps with pipe location, and more importantly, where water may be accumulating as a result of a leak distributing water into the ground or concrete. It works by being able monitor temperature differences from either hot or cold water saturation. “Flir” is a well-respected name in the industry of thermal imaging products.

Goldak and Flir
are two of the top brand names in leak detection products. By using these products, South County Plumbing is able to raise both the quality of our service, and value to our clients.