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Landscape and Storm Drain Clearing



Water Heaters

The “Tankless” water heater, known for being an energy saving appliance, and having the characteristic of “on-demand” water availability, is a more modern choice that also takes up less space than a Traditional water heater with a larger tank. Because of its ability to heat quickly, this style is often referred to as an “instant-on water heater,” and under certain conditions can save energy and money.


The “Traditional” styled water heater, also referred to as “tank type storage water heater,” can be powered by electricity, natural gas, propane, solar energy and other sources. As the name describes, water is stored commonly in internal tanks holding usually from 20 to 100 gallons, and kept at a continuously hot temperature. These are most prevalent in the U.S. and Europe, and the preferred power source is natural gas for it’s lower costs in operating.

The mix of technologies to accommodate these various options are extensive, ranging from basic waterlines, to electronic systems, to gas lines. Hence, to be effective in the plumbing business, all these must be mastered,and must be among the list of specialties for effective plumbing services. South County Plumbing, Inc. has the working knowledge and expertise to answer your call, and confidently handle your Tankless or Traditional water heater needs.


Leak Detection

Leak detection is the active process of determining if you have a water leak in your home or business, and locating the leak. Often the leak is fairly obvious, and the defective pipe, connection, or fixture will easily display the spot where the problem is. However, many times the problem is bigger than it seems, and may have been an issue for much longer than it was realized. A leak may be hidden, allowing water to seep for months before it was noticed, causing considerably more damage than if it had been arrested earlier, and raising monthly water bills to shocking levels. Sometimes a leak is caused by the fracturing of a pressurized pipe, and is an urgent situation to shut off the water to prevent more extensive damage. No matter what, you will want to recognize how much of an emergency is caused by the leak, and find a remedy as quickly as possible, to keep your water bill and repair costs from skyrocketing.

There are some easy things you can do that can help determine where the leak is situated, which may save you money. Damp spots on floors or in walls, and sounds of water running in pipes when the taps are turned off and no one is flushing, are some telltale signs. But to have your utility provider of water indicate that your water bill has risen unreasonably in the last month would be a potentially bad sign. Whether you are in the midst of an emergency, or you suspect that there might be a subtle issue causing the continuous trickle of water loss, having a trained professional, who knows exactly what to look for, thoroughly inspect your house would probably be wise.

Goldak Leak Detection and Flir Thermal Imaging

“Goldak” leak detectors are a primary tool of professional plumbers. Goldak has been manufacturing underground locating products for eight decades, and takes a special company and industry pride in its success in creating quality, high performance products for locating underground pipeline and leaks.
Thermal imaging is also a cutting edge technology which helps with pipe location, and more importantly, where water may be accumulating as a result of a leak distributing water into the ground or concrete. It works by being able monitor temperature differences from either hot or cold water saturation. “Flir” is a well-respected name in the industry of thermal imaging products.

Goldak and Flir are two of the top brand names in leak detection products. By using these products, South County Plumbing , Inc. is able to raise both the quality of our service, and value to our clients.


Copper or Pex Repipe or Rerouting

Homes built prior to 1970 were designed using steel pipe. The standard since that time has been copper, and re-piping with copper pipe increases your home’s value. Now, copper has a challenger offering competition for first choice called Pex, and depending on the application, may prove to be a better choice than copper.

Copper pipe has been the reliable standard for decades, with its ability to prevent water contamination and its long lasting tendencies.
Copper pipe has been the reliable standard for decades, with its ability to prevent water contamination and its long lasting tendencies.

Copper pipe has been the reliable standard for decades, with its ability to prevent water contamination and its long lasting tendencies. Its challenger, Pex, boasts a much lower cost potential, depending on the size of the job, flexibility, and ease and speed of installation. Also, it can be adapted to connect with all your existing appliances, hot and cold water, and can go anywhere copper piping can go, except… Pex cannot be used outside! Because of its inability to sustain against weather conditions, and especially the sun, the use of Pex is limited to indoor applications.

Any re-piping or rerouting can be accomplished well if the plumber knows his products and proper techniques for a successful job. South County Plumbing staff has kept up with the technology and the skills in order to perform the tasks at hand, bringing you state of the art solutions when you need them, and because we are efficient, at a cost effective rate.

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Sewer and Drain Video Inspection

Getting to the “root” of the problem!
Drains have always presented challenges for plumbers. As a result of corrosion, shifting foundations, and concrete cracking, drains have been damaged, causing them to have inhibited flow, and leakage into unwanted areas. Even tree roots can infiltrate older pipe fitting junctions and damaged areas, and become unruly growths in pipelines. Among the potentially disastrous conditions, are clogged pipes causing a backup of household drains in kitchen or bathrooms. Another is the excess water and sewage seeping into the ground or into concrete slabs, causing large areas to become soaked, unstable, and subject to bacteria and odors.

South County Plumbing, Inc. Ridgid Sewer and Drain Camera
Ridgid Sewer and Drain Camera.

A problem with drains may be minor, and easily accessible. On the other hand, a drain issue may require major work in concrete foundations, and require days of work and thousands of dollars. To help control costs, it is important to be able to determine exact locations of problems in drains, and be able to inspect the pipes to assess the repair requirements. Upon inspection, your plumber can determine what work is needed, and therefore accurately quote the costs to do the job.

Sewer and drain inspection became revolutionized with the advent of “Drain Cameras.” These handy devices allow plumbers to literally see inside the pipelines, and video record what they find. This information gives them the perfect way to show homeowners the nature of the problem, and an easier way to convey what repair is needed.

South County Plumbing, Inc. provides this service, using a state-of-the-art drain camera and recording system made by “Ridgid” which is touted the “tank” of drain cameras.

South County Plumbing, Inc. Pipe Inspections
Rob performing a camera inspection of pipes.

It is very reliable, delivering accurate video representation of drain inspection. Giving an inch-by-inch viewing of the insides the pipe itself, it is easy to vividly see the issues
close up. Added to this is an option to record the actual viewing itself so that the client has a record of the problem that is being addressed, presented to them on DVD,
which can be viewed on any standard home DVD player.
…just the kind of equipment you’d expect from the best plumbing service technicians available!

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