Copper or Pex Repipe

Copper or Pex Repipe or Rerouting

Homes built prior to 1970 were designed using steel pipe. The standard since that time has been copper, and repiping with copper pipe increases your home’s value. Now, copper has a challenger offering competition for first choice called Pex, and depending on the application, may prove to be a better choice than copper.

Copper pipe has been the reliable standard for decades, with its ability to prevent water contamination and its long lasting tendencies. Its challenger, Pex, boasts a much lower cost potential, depending on the size of the job, flexibility, and ease and speed of installation.  Also, it can be adapted to connect with all your existing appliances, hot and cold water, and can go anywhere copper piping can go, except…

Pex cannot be used outside! Because of its inability to sustain against weather conditions, and especially the sun, the use of Pex is limited to indoor applications.

Any repiping or rerouting can be accomplished well if the plumber knows his products and proper techniques for a successful job. South County Plumbing staff has kept up with the technology and the skills in order to perform the tasks at hand, bringing you state of the art solutions when you need them, and because we are efficient,  at a cost effective rate.

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